Steps After installation of Cooluri from Extansion manager.

Step1  :  copy  file EXT:cooluri/coouri/CoolUriConf.xml_default      file into  ./typo3conf  folder and rename it   CoolUriConf.xml .

Step2  :  After that include this 3 line typoscript code into your typoscripts folder.

config.baseURL =   include youe  baseurl
config.tx_cooluri_enable = 1
config.redirectOldLinksToNew = 1

After step2  you can see this screenshot in backend like ,


Step -3

After this go inside Caches links. And click on all option which display in



Step -5 After this you can show Edit icon like,( Screenshot-3)


You can edit url of given id . After this click on Upadate this URI option .

NOTE: if you give same URI name than it will not take and change uri but give Error massage.